Aura & Transvestment

Two Peasant Girls
Paula Modersohn-Becker | ca.1900

Etching, drypoint and roulette on heavy wove paper
14 * 9.8 cm

2671 * 4000 px

Gift of Ruth Cole Kainen.
Not on View.
National Gallery: United States of America, Washington D.C.

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Gender diversity
For women and/or people belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community who work in the Distributed Ledger Technology space, a straight cis male dominated field.

"Even before capitalism is overcome, it may be possible to have one foot in both streams, in ways thatprefigure its beyond. In that beyond, quantification would be beholden to surplus-value of life,rather than surplus value of life being slave to accumulation."
(Massumi, 2019).
Paula Modersohn-Becker (8 February 1876 – 20 November 1907) was a German painter and one of the most important representatives of early expressionism.

Her career was cut short when she died from postpartum embolism aged of 31. She is recognized as the first known female painter to paint nude self-portraits. She was an important member of the early 20th century modernism movement.

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